Roti Paratha

Flatbreads are quickly becoming a staple on many menus in the United States. From Mediterranean, Indian, Malaysian, and even Italian, variations of flatbread can be found in all cuisine with versatile applications. Roti Paratha originated in the India subcontinent including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and is an unleavened flatbread that is popularly served with a variety of ingredients and used as a wrap. These buttery, flakey breads work well with any day part and as enjoyable with breakfast fillings as they are with dessert. Passport Food Group is proud to offer our House of Bee® brand Roti Paratha that will add variety and dimension to almost any menu.

Product Description Pack Size Item #
Roti Paratha [5.5" +/- 1/2" Diameter]4/3.6 lb400923004
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