Spices and Ingredients

Traditional dishes and signature preparations are all about taste. House of Bee offers a world of spices and ingredients that will add authentic flavor and texture to every recipe.

Product Description Pack Size Item #
Chili Paste with Garlic, Lan Chi48/8 oz428302748
Chili Paste w/Soy Bean Oil, Pantai24/17.6 oz428313024
Yellow Curry Paste, Mae Ploy12/35 oz428301012
Panang Curry Paste, Mae Ploy12/35 oz428302012
Red Curry Paste, Mae Ploy12/35 oz428303012
Green Curry Paste, Mae Ploy12/35 oz428303512
Masman Curry Paste, Mae Ploy12/35 oz428305112
Miso Paste, White (Shiro), Shinshuic44 lb428301401
Tom Yum Paste/Instant Hot & Sour Paste, Porkwan24/16 oz428310024
Tamarind Paste, Seedless50/14 oz428301050
Hot Curry Powder, KFK25 lb428304501
Madras Curry Powder, Ni AnDo, Kim Tu Thap (formerly 3 Bell)12/16 oz428306012
Five Spice Powder16 oz428301301
Garlic Powder, House of Bee3/PC-5428301003
Ginger Powder, KFK6/5 lb428301006
Ginger Root Powder25 lb bulk428302601
Hot Mustard Powder50 lb428310001
Curry Powder, KFK6/1 lb428304006
Wasabi Powder, Waner10/2.2 lb428301010
Wasabi Powder, Waner2.2 lb428301101
Crushed Chili6/5 lb428306006
Crushed Chili5 lb428306101
Dried Whole Chili6/5 lb428307006
Dried Whole Chili5 lb428307101
Pepper, White, House of Bee3/PC-5428302003
Mitsukan Honteri Seasoning12/24 oz428305012
Minced Garlic10/5 lb428302010
Chicken Seasoning, Savor Rich, Ajinomoto4/6 lb428301004
Seasoning, Chicken Flavored Base, no MSG1/50 lb428301501
Tougarashi (Japanese Seven Spices)10.58 oz 428305001
Sesame Seeds, White50 lb428301901
Star Anise, Whole1 lb428302701
Cornstarch, Buffalo50 lb428301001
Cornstarch50 lb428301601
MSG, Ajinomoto50 lb428302301
MSG50 lb428302401
Potato Starch55 lb428301801
Sugar50 lb428302501
Palm Sugar30/17.6 oz/bag428304030
Tempura Batter Mix, Nippon44 lb428302201
Red Food Color, Flavorchem4/1 gal428302004
Dark Egg Shade Food Color, Flavorchem4/1 gal428303504
Tamarind Concentrate/Sour Soup Base Mix, Por Kwan24/16 oz428302024
Dried Black Fungus Strips5 lb428301201
Dried Black Fungus, Whole5 lb428302001
Dried Black Mushroom (Shitake)5 lb428304101
Pickled Ginger, White (Natural), Wel Pac (no MSG, 100% sugar), Chilled20 lb428303001
Pickled Ginger, Pink, Wel Pac, (no MSG, 100% sugar), Chilled20 lb428304001
Evaporated Milk, Carnation24/12 oz428301024
Condensed Milk, Black & White24/14 oz428302124
Sweet Preserved Radish Strip50/14 oz428301150
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact customer service. We will attempt to source it for you.