Rice Products

Whatever your menu requires, House of Bee has high quality, gluten free rice, rice noodles, rice paper and other rice-based products to satisfy every need.

Product Description Pack Size Item #
Long Grain Rice, Riceland50 lb427001050
Jasmine Rice50 lb427003350
Jasmine Rice25 lb427003625
Calrose Rice, Nikko50 lb427004050
Calrose Rice, Kokuho, Yellow Label50 lb427004350
Brown Rice, Homai50 lb427006050
Rice, White Sweet Sticky, Thailand, Packer50 lb427007050
Basmati Rice20 lb427008120
Rice Noodles
Pho Noodle, Sincere Orient, Frozen3/10 lb427001003
Rice Sticks, Small30/16 oz427011230
Rice Sticks, Chao Ching, Packer60/1 lb427012060
Rice Sticks, Medium30/14 oz427012830
Rice Sticks, medium, 3mm, straight cut, 2-Fish Brand30/16 oz427013030
Oriental Style Instant Noodles, Wai Wai24/17.6 oz427014024
Rice Sticks, Large, 5 mm30/14 oz427015030
Rice Sticks, Extra large, 10 mm30/16 oz427015630
Rice Paper (Spring Roll Wrapper), 22 cm, Rose48/12 oz427021048
Rice Paper (Spring Roll Wrapper), 31 cm, Rose48/12 oz427022048
Rice Cooking Wine4/1 gal427301004
Shao Xing Rice Cooking Wine4/1 gal427307004
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact customer service. We will attempt to source it for you.