Miscellaneous Grocery

We offer grocery staples that every Asian restaurant or institution needs, with the convenience of ordering from a single source.

Product Description Pack Size Item #
Thai Coffee/Oliang Powder Mix, Pantai30/16 oz429901130
Thai Tea Mix, Pantai30/16 oz429901030
Jasmine Tea6/5 lb429902106
Jasmine Tea5 lb429903001
Oolong Tea6/5 lb429904106
Oolong Tea5 lb429904101
Ind. Oolong Tea Bags50/100 ct429906050
Ketchup, tomato, Hunts6/#10429902006
Pure Sesame Oil, House of Bee4/1 gal429905004
Blended Sesame Oil, House of Bee4/1 gal429907004
Vinegar, Black, Koon Chun12/20.3 oz429901012
Vinegar, Red, Koon Chun12/20.3 oz429903012
White Vinegar, House of Bee6/1 gal429904006
Rice Vinegar Dressing, Marukan, Gourmet Seasoned4/1 gal429906004
Vinegar, Ginsho, Marukan5.28 gal429907001
Michiu Cooking Wine4/3 liters429903004
Cooking Wine, Sweet, Aji Mirin, Kikkoman6/60 oz429906006
Rice Cooking Wine4/1 gal427301004
Almonds, split blanched25 lb429902001
Cashew Nuts, Blanched, Unsalted, W-3201/50 lb429901201
Cashew Nuts, W-32025 lb 429901101
Blanched Peanuts6/5 lb429905006
Panko Bread Crumbs20 lb429901001
Mock Duck, Companion24/10 oz423301024
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact customer service. We will attempt to source it for you.