Appetizers and Desserts

These delicious prepared appetizers offer pre-made convenience while providing the taste & quality of a hand made product. Our "Foookies" fortune cookies are the perfect way to complete any meal.

Product Description Pack Size Item #
Fortune Cookies2/320 ct324402002
Ind. Wrapped Fortune Cookies1/390 ct324406001
Potsticker, Chicken & Vegetables, no MSG2/60 pc429305202
Potsticker/Gyoza, Chicken & Vegetables, O'Tasty8/35 oz/50 pc429305808
Potsticker, Pork & Vegetables, no MSG2/60 pc429306202
Potsticker/Gyoza, Pork & Vegetables, O'Tasty8/35 oz/50 pc429306808
Spring Roll, Veggie, no MSG10/20/50g (1.76oz)429301010
Eggroll, Pork & Vegetable, Seattle6/12 ct/3 oz429302006
Edamame, Soy Bean Pods20/16 oz429301020
Edamame, Shelled Soy Beans20/16 oz429302020
If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact customer service. We will attempt to source it for you.